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The gourd, crab, fish, shrimp is also called Hoo Hey How is a Chinese dice game. It can be played also online and in other Asia-facing casinos. The game is like another Chinese dice game named Sic Bo which is a well-known game in casinos in the world. This game kit includes the following:

  • The table has 6 squares which are equal to 6 characters from right to left
  • The proper position will be from the bottom to top are Shrimp, Crab, Fish, Chicken, Gourd, and Deer.
  • It has 3 dice that has 6 characters that are printed on each face of the dice
  • You will use a cup or fork when rolling the dice.

The basic rules

The traditional way of playing น้ำเต้าปูปลา. It uses 3 dice that have 6 sides rather than a regular number they put the six characters on each of the sides. The Crab, Fish, and shrimp are the main characters and the others are the Gourd, stag, and rooster. The game will start when the dealer is picking the dice and putting them in a saucer. The players will then place their bets on the betting place. Once they all bet the dealer will then take the dice from the saucer and the dealer will roll them in a bowl. After that, the dice will be placed back while the bowl is removed to show the symbols.

When it comes to the prizes each bet placed on the correct symbol wins. If you placed a bet on one of the face-up symbols then you are paid to 1 to 1. Once the symbol appears on the two dice it’s 2 to 1. And all three dice show all the symbols you place bets on. Then you will win prizes of 3 to 1. Playing this kind of gambling has a house edge of 7.9%.

Online Gambling Games

You will then realize that the wage layout of the game is the same as in Sic Bo. You can put bets on other combinations too. There is a case that you can bet on a triple and you can win once the three symbols appear on the dice at the same bet. You will then earn 30 to 1 prize. Yet you need to be extra careful when placing a bet on a triple as the house edge is 13.9%. In the traditional way, it pays 24 to 1 and raises the house edge by 30%.

Games that are the same in other countries

In the Vietnamese version game, it is called Bau Cua Tom Ca. The same as in the Chinese game is played with the same characters of Prawn, Fish, Rooster, Crab, Gourd, and Stag. The player will put the bets on the 6 characters. It is also the same when it comes to prizes.

There is another game which is the Crown and Anchor. The dice game is played by the British sailors. But rather than animals or numbers used in the Asian game. The British are using crowns, anchors, spades, diamonds, hearts, and clubs. The prizes that are given are also the same.

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