If you want to play Fantan online and want to learn more about it, you’re in the right place. It is a classic game of chance that is invented in China. Many players noticed its similarities to online roulette, but finding Fantan in casinos outside of the continent isn’t so easy. Give it a try, and definitely, it will be one of your favorite casino titles in the future!

Whether you want to play the casino Fantan online with performers or want the Fantan card game, here is all the info that you can get to become a fan-tan pro by this Fantan online guide!

What Is the Fantan Online game? 

The exciting thing about Fantan is that it covers numerous versions of the game. Fantan is usually played at the online casinos by a dealer who rolls over a cup full of beads, with players placing predictions on the outcome. There is also an entirely different Fantan version, which is played with 3 or 8 players on a card deck.

Card Game Rules

Fantan, Sevens, or Play-or-Pay is a casino type game for three-to-eight players. A standard 52 card deck and a set of poker chips are needed for each player in the game. In Fantan, Kings are high, and Aces are low. The goal is to play all the cards for the first time.

Fantan online

How To Set- Up? 

Each player places a poker chip in the middle of the Fantan gameplay area. A dealer has to be selected before gameplay can start. To do so, players have to pick a random deck card. The lowest card player is the dealer. Then the dealer mixes the deck and spreads all cards face to face for each player.

Types of Bets in Fantan Online 

If you play against a dealer, you can place a variety of different types of Fantan bets. You will bet on how many beads remain after the final group of four.

Here are five of the most popular Fantan online bets:- 

  • Fan- With the fan bet, you’re going to need to back up the exact number of beads left. Fan bets are 1-4.
  • Nim- Just like a fan bet, but with two numbers instead of one. One number is going to count as a win, the other as a push.
  • Kwok- Like a nim bet, but both numbers are counted as a win.
  • Nga tan- Like a nim bet, but instead of two with three numbers. Two numbers are going to count as a win, and the other as a push.
  • Sheh-sam-hong- Like a nga tan bet, but it is a win for every three numbers.


Now it’s your turn as you have an idea of how to play fantan online, so what you are waiting for, go and invite your friends to play the popular online casino games!!

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