Hosting Poker Online Games

It has been noted in the online poker industry that players register and then go to other places, finding that their current site does not give any incentive to stick to them. Often players jump from site to site, trying to find the best bonus, and this is called a bonus.

Because of this undesirable outcome, they conducted research and found that customer loyalty could be justified if they offered an attractive reward, such as that offered in bonuses and / or rake backs. This offer has become the most popular practice in the world of online poker. The exchange also revealed useful software to primarily direct its players to game statistics and provide information that players can use for their winning strategies. The practice of paying remuneration has seriously reduced the costs of players who enthusiastically play judi poker online.

Almost all poker sites invest, offering a variety of compelling promotions, privileges and rewards to increase their online statistics. Common industry practice is that sites can deduct awarded bonuses, free spins and game deposits due to them when calculating their net rake back from the total rake back. At first, it might seem unfair that poker game providers take away some of the bonuses they gave you from the amount of your rake back wins; This scheme is included in the conditions that you agree to when registering. It should be remembered that bonuses are free cash prizes, and there are more chances to make a profit if you decide to group rake backs together with bonuses than when choosing one method.

Hosting Poker Online Games

So who needs rake back and bonuses? We will try to explain this phenomenon. When players play, game rooms online receive a rake or commission for organizing games. These amounts seem to be minimal for one game, but by the end of the month money accumulates very quickly, especially since regular players can simultaneously play on several tables through online gaming sites. There are several thousand players online at any time of the day or night.


A good question has these significant reasons. When online poker rooms offer up to 1/3 of rake, their level of attractiveness for potential players becomes maximum. The bonus offers to strengthen the loyalty of players to the site. Rake back offers are sometimes overshadowed by plentiful bonuses of different bets on different sites; No major information campaigns are being conducted to establish the fact that the site does offer rake back promotions.

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