Want to know about uppada Sarees?

The state Andhra Pradesh is renowned for it’s hand-woven clothes since the ancient times. The weavers are expertise in producing the most high-class hand woven sarees most of them have a gorgeous look, and they even produces dress-materials that have a delicate and the distinctive designs. The handloom sarees of Andhra Pradesh are known for their beautiful ‘pallous’. The borders of the ikkat pattu Sarees are adorned with the thread work and mostly these threads are made up of gold or silver. These handloom works are named after the places where these are made. And each of these famous looms has their different style of weaving, different fabric and the style of work on fabric. Most of the handlooms produce from fabric woven with natural silk and cotton.

Things to know about Ikkat silk Sarees

The Kuppadam Sarees from Andhra Pradesh are known for their designs. The count used in the weaving gives softness and hardness of the fabric. In these sarees the counts that are used upto 120 in length and 120 in breadth for a soft woven sarees. The handloom uppada silk Saree are Classy in every sense. You will look graceful by wearing this saree at any event.
Fabric used is these sarees are cotton and silk. The silk is widely regarded as one of the most luxurious textile on the Earth. It is the natural fiber produced from cocoons of mulberry silkworm via the process known as Sericulture. Indian Silk fabrics are the world famous for their exquisite colors and bold patterns. Pure silk or Katan Silk is one of the finest varieties of Silk. It is bent by twisting two filaments together to create the sturdier and a more durable fabric. Due to this nature of its creation, it also makes it an interesting textured background for any work which is to be done on the fabric to make the fabric unique. It is known for its adaptability, softness and comfort. It can be faded by sunlight and the perspiration. The elasticity of the silk fabric is poor, hence if it is stretched then it will takes the shape as it is. It can be weakened if it is exposed to too much of the sunlight. It may also be attacked by insects, especially if it is left dirty.


The length count of the threads is hundred and the breadth count is also hundred in weaving process of the Uppada Silk sarees. Jamdani which is made in the Uppada has two weavers who are working on a single loom and the weaving delicate and beautiful designs on fabric by the zari work. As this is an art which is practiced solely by hands, it takes two particular months before an excellent piece of work is finished.

These silk sarees are belongs to the South India. They are very much popular as the bridal sarees and are named after a place in Tamil Nadu. This sari comes is energetic colors. Golden thread are used for weaving designs on the sari. The material may vary across some of the regions like in some places cotton is also used as fabric for it. It is well known for its bold colours and shining lustre. These come many different styles like – with motifs or without motifs, with small or large border, etc.

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